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PVS Group

"I hope you find your visit to our website rewarding. Start your journey by hovering over one of the four icons below. The four businesses within the PVS group combine to provide an integrated and exhaustive approach to fleet and business management."
- Marcus Puddy - Managing Director
pvs fleet
PVS Fleet provides support to enable your fleet to operate efficiently and safely. This support can be a total solution for fleet management or as a support function for your existing fleet team.
pvs development
PVS Development provides support for business planning and implementation. Tender writing will improve your proposal success rate. Coaching will maximise team effectiveness.
pvs finance
PVS Finance provides support in the procurement of all types of business assets. Finance options for vehicle acquisition are a resource in saving time and money.
pvs innovation
PVS Innovation provides detailed but easy to understand fleet data to enable informed decisions to be made. That improves efficiency and therefore increases business profit.

Empowering Business

The PVS Group provides a 'cross-functional resource' for all matters concerning fleet management and business improvement - for businesses of any size.
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