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PVS Driving Fleets

“In today’s litigious, legislative, highly regulated, ever changing fleet world, a fleet running efficiently is something to be admired.”
Marcus Puddy
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The internal resource necessary to keep track and interpret the many changes affecting fleet operation is no longer a viable option for many organisations.

These organisations then find themselves falling foul of issues such as legislation and financial regulation, or they simply operate the wrong vehicles for the task in hand. This combined with mismanaged services such as maintenance and repair lead to excessive costs.

Fleet Management Services

We work with your fleet team to identify and implement the efficiencies you require; or you can outsource your fleet management to us completely.
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Servicing, Maintenance & Repair Management

Service, Maintenance and Repair Management (SMR) is a process that ensures the readiness, effectiveness and safety of fleet vehicles whilst operating on company business.
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Supplier Management

The PVS Supplier Management process is a highly developed and mature initiative that ensures full adherence to supplier terms.
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Accident Management

PVS has a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of accident management.

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Fleet Administration

The PVS fleet administration team will support you with all the administrative tasks meaning you can outsource some or all of your administration responsibilities to PVS.

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Glass Management

PVS works in partnership with Auto Windscreens to ensure any fleet vehicle glass repair, replacement or ADAS calibration requirements are conducted.

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Breakdown Management

This PVS service provides 24/7 access for drivers to report vehicle breakdowns, and/or arrange roadside repair/recovery.

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Tyre Management

PVS Tyre Management is a service that provides a detailed management purchase policy, stock management, tyre performance and tyre usage tracking.

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Branding Management

Your fleet represents a huge opportunity to market your services as they are effectively mobile billboards. Our nationwide service can manage the process for you from start to finish.

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Colleague Management

Colleague Management is a process that ensures business leaders are maximising the return on the investment in the workforce.

PVS Fleet provides support to enable your fleet to operate efficiently and safely. This support can be a total solution for the fleet management or as a support function for your existing fleet team.

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