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    “Keeping track and understanding innovation is difficult and time consuming; but understanding how it will help your business is critical.”
    - Marcus Puddy, Managing Director -

Helping fleets to make the right decisions in an ever-changing world.

The complexities of managing a fleet are numerous, so the more accurate the information we have at our finger tips, the more informed our decisions will be.

Informed decisions lead to a more efficient business which, in turn, leads to maximised profit.

There has never been a more difficult time for anyone managing a fleet of any size. Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are seeing a dramatic rise in sales, and within this sector the popularity of the individual vehicle types is changing. In 2019, battery electric vehicle (BEV) registrations experienced the biggest percentage growth, rising by 144.0% to 37,850 units and overtaking plug-in hybrids for the first time. Recent DfT reports outline crucial regulations to reduce tailpipe emissions for new cars and vans now the UK has left the EU. It states the importance of a ‘future approach’ that is at least as ambitious as current EU legislation.

What does all this mean?

In short, it means that all organisations operating fleet vehicles need to start creating a ‘programme of change’ such that the emissions targets can be reached whilst at the same time minimising disruption to service and more importantly company profit.

To achieve this seamless transition, it will require a thorough understanding of:

  • New legislation and regulation
  • New vehicle technology and its appropriateness for your business
  • The long-term political aspirations affecting transport

Innovation is the division that offers tailored support to companies wanting to keep one-step ahead of the transport evolution.

The Innovation team is constantly feeding relevant ‘transport change’ and innovation through to the PVS fleet advisory team in the PVS Fleet division. This means that when you engage with the PVS Fleet team, you can be sure that you are receiving advice that ‘future proofs’ your business against legislative change and that the vehicles are appropriate and in line with EU legislation.

If you have concerns over whether you or your business has the necessary resource to make the right choices in these changing times then speak with PVS Group.

PVS e-Data Integrity

The PVS Fleet Management Interface

Innovation can take many forms and real time fleet management information is an innovative way of maximising the efficiencies within your fleet.

PVS has developed a ‘Fleet Management Interface’ called PVS e-Data Integrity that allows specific users the ability to access and analyse your fleet data in order to identify anomalies in vehicle operating costs and forecasted residual value.

The data is presented in simple terms and is easy to understand via our unique ‘dashboard’ presentation.

Identify Hidden
& Avoidable Costs



You can choose the level of PVS support you require to manage your fleet optimally.

For more information talk to PVS about setting up your management dashboard.

If you would like to see how our Innovation team can help with your order, please call 01278 ​550270

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