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    “Growth happens when the time for action results in change.”
    - Rob Rudd -

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Do you have a business problem?

Do you have a business problem?

Common problems facing business owners and key stakeholders.


Why use PVS Development?

Why use PVS Development?

A meaningful well thought out business plan is probably the most important process for any business to develop, large or small.


PVS Development Support Services

PVS Development Support Services

Whether you need help in all areas of strategy development or just a specific area, we can help you.


Being really good at what you do as a business is no guarantee of success

60% of new businesses fail within the first three years.

(Derived data from Office of National Statistics)
You may produce the best products or deliver market beating services, but if your business processes are ill conceived, then the business will underperform, or even fail.

The common reasons for business failure

1 Your business lacks potential customer awareness

  • Your potential customers don’t know about you
  • They don’t understand what you do
  • They don’t understand why they should be dealing with you
  • You can’t persuade them to buy from you.

2 Your business lacks leadership

  • Poor or mis-guided assessment of the market
  • Over-reliance on an individual(s)
  • Poor recruitment
  • Business lacks management structure
  • Roles are ill-defined
  • Internal communication/process is poor
  • Lack of direction
  • Production and shipping processes in-efficient
  • Unaware of external factors affecting trade

3 Your business lacks financial management

  • Ill-conceived pricing model
  • Lack of clarity on revenue
  • Lack of clarity on profit
  • Blurred understanding of true costs
  • Vague or unrealistic forecasting
  • Lack of financing, financing options, finance awareness
  • Poor buying skills.

Any issue in any category above will mean that your business is failing.

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Collaborate with PVS to Identify Areas for Improvement

The Solution = Strategy Development & Implementation

Business Strategy

"I’ve met lots of budding entrepreneurs and business owners when delivering workshops and seminars who have said to me, “I don’t need a business plan, it’s all in my head.” This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Get it down on paper, show it to people you trust, garner opinion…you will be surprised how useful it can be. It doesn’t need to be a huge tome, short statements and bullets are fine.

rob rudd
And remember, if you need any sort of funding, the finance houses will insist upon it."

A meaningful well thought out business plan is probably the most important process for any business to develop, large or small. When created with realism it will deliver the answers to the problems of a business start-up or growing a business.

This should not be underestimated.

If your business is established, you should re-assess the plan on a quarterly basis at least. This will address factors including:

  • Present position and performance
  • Possibilities for growth
  • Sales & marketing needs
  • Innovation and investment for growth
  • People, structure and management systems
  • Financial management and business systems
This will identify the needs and necessary actions together with the responsibilities, resources, milestones, and targets for measuring success (KPI’s).
Barnaby Smith, managing director of Mediafleet Ltd says,

"We’ve been working with Rob for over three years now. Initially Rob really helped us focus on what we really did well as a business…our ‘critical success factors’ as Rob would describe it. He planned how we could get that message over to our target audience and helped us deliver it.

The business has gone from strength to strength.

Rob now acts as our Head of Development helping us to develop our brand identity in order to differentiate ourselves in our competitive market.

At the time of writing, due to Covid, the market we operate has declined by over 20%, however, this year will be our most successful year to date!

I would not hesitate to recommend Rob and the PVS team for all your business development needs."

PVS Development Support Services

Business Strategy Development

Business Strategy Development

Rob and the team at PVS can help you develop your winning ‘Business Strategy’. Whether you need help in all areas of strategy development or just a specific area, we can help you.


Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Rob and the team provide training in Sales, Marketing and Bid Management. Coaching provides an opportunity to deliver business training in a ‘hands-on’ way over a longer period of time. Mentoring provides long term guidance in business management.


Proposal Writing, Content Creation & Editing

Proposal Writing, Content Creation & Editing

Good content, either on the web, brochures or in proposals is crucial for the success of your business. Your business will be judged by the standard and quality of your written word. It can be the difference between success and failure. Let PVS help your create great content that will impress your potential customers.


Business Strategy Development

Market Analysis

Understanding the market you operate in is crucial to the success of your business.

PVS can help you to understand: The market size, competitor activity, competitor pricing, political and economic factors, market growth potential, customer loyalty trends, promotion methods and effectiveness, market segmentation to meet differing customer needs…

rob rudd pvs development
"Be as diligent and realistic as possible…just because you think your idea is good, it may not be!"

Market Plan

This is the framework for strategy and all your individual marketing initiatives.

We’ll help you devise your: mission statement, pricing, supporting documentation like brochures, website, mailers, promotional activities, advertising activities, performance tracking such as website visits

"I can really help you get your message over to your target market. You will stand-out from the crowd!"

Sales Plan

This is a strategy document detailing how the revenue for the business will be generated, who is responsible and over what time period.

We’ll help you: set your sales targets, set individual targets, set performance indicators. We can train your sales people so they can compete in real world competitive environments.

"If you can’t compete against your competitors’ salespeople, you will fail. Let PVS train your sales team."

Financial Plan

This sets out how you will pay for your strategy initiatives.

PVS will help you understand what funding is required to meet your business objectives. At start-up this is crucial. When trading, understanding and predicting revenue against costs is fundamental to business longevity. PVS can create the financial plan and management mechanisms needed.

"The senior management team at PVS are finance experts with an impressive financial background."

Management Plan

The management plan sets out your organisational structure and responsibilities.

A PVS management plan allows everyone in the organisation to understand their remit and position, who they report to and who reports to them. Defining roles also creates accountability for tracking errors and problems. Overtime, this will ‘fine tune’ your business processes making you more efficient and more profitable.

"I can help with you develop a structure and personnel roles that will enable you to deliver your goals."


For businesses to develop and grow, some form of innovation is always required.

PVS will help you develop your business over time. Some form of ‘out of the box’ thinking is always required at some point as nothing stays the same. E.g., Markets change, the economic climate changes, legislation changes. These need to be addressed. Plus, you may wish to diversify or acquire. PVS can help you.

"Keeping one step ahead of your competitors is crucial. I can help you develop innovative strategies."
If you are unsure about your next step in developing your business, give PVS Development a call and ask for Rob.

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