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    Driving Fleets

    “In today’s litigious, legislative, highly regulated, ever changing fleet world, a fleet running efficiently is something to be admired.”
    - Marcus Puddy, Managing Director -

We recommend and implement change that will result in increased profit.

The internal resource necessary to keep track and interpret the many changes affecting fleet operation is no longer a viable option for many organisations. These organisations then find themselves falling foul of issues such as legislation and financial regulation, or they simply operate the wrong vehicles for the task in hand. This combined with mismanaged services such as maintenance and repair lead to excessive costs.

This is where PVS can help.

We work with your fleet team to identify and implement the efficiencies you require; or you can outsource your fleet management to us completely.

Fleet Strategy

Vehicle Strategy

  • Appropriate Vehicle Selection
  • Replacement Scheduling
  • Service & Maintenance Arrangements


  • Mileage Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Education


  • Legislation
  • Duty of Care & CSR
  • Risk Management

Fleet Procurement

  • Vehicles
  • Conversion & Graphics
  • Tyres & SMR
  • Fuel Cards
  • Telematics
  • Breakdown
  • Accident Management

Fleet Initiative Implementation

  • Suppliers
  • Service Providers
  • New Orders & Builds
  • Contracts
  • Review & Feedback
  • Breakdown
  • Grey Fleet

Fleet Review

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Management Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Non-Conformity Reports
  • Specialist Analysis

Creating & implementing the right strategy for you

The PVS Fleet team are specialists in devising and implementing fleet strategies that allow you to maximise efficiencies within your fleet and therefore, maximise profit.

The process is a simple one but the intelligence supporting the decisions is highly developed and constantly being updated. A necessity against the backdrop of shifting legislation and evolving technology.

One size doesn’t fit all

At PVS Fleet, we ask many questions as an in-depth ‘review’ of your business is the only way to identify ‘what’s good and what’s not so good’.

The review provides the data and information necessary for the PVS team to ‘identify and rectify’. When change is implemented, the review process results are measured to ensure the changes are having the desired effect. These results are constantly fed back to management so the PVS Fleet benefit is realised.
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